A little mess in shoes tags (app&web)



a little problem with shoes tags: i have 3 x Mizuno Sayonara 2 in my shoe list, each with one tag (tags are mainly different colors); into the app or in the web dashboard, in every drop list i see all tags mixed coming from all the same type shoe, so i am unable to set the correct one for every run. same problem with 2 x LaSportiva Helios (although they are not exactly the same model, but an 1.0 model and a 2.0 model, that wasn’t on your shoe selection when i purchased the 2.0 model, so i used the only one available at that moment).




Good description of the problem.

I am also experiencing this with three pairs of New Balance MR00 where each pair get the tags from all shoes.


Thanks @Laurent for the screen grab – that made it super clear! We’ve deployed a fix which should be live now.


Thanks @Tim, It now works perfectly well in both the Dashboard and the Android App.