Balance contact time


The contact time on my left is always about 10 ms longer than my right, generally about 290 vs 280 ms.

I’ve tried every trick in the book to even them out, such as equalizing my foot strike (left tends to be more midfoot, right more heel), knee bend, how far out I step, etc.

Every time I think I made a change, I get home and the data is the same.

Any suggestions? Is it worth trying to match them?


It’s really hard to make a small change like that on only one side without real-time feedback. I’m curious, I assume you are wanting to reduce the contact time on your left to match your right, when you get back from a run where you are trying to make the change, does the contact time on both sides get reduced a little or do they stay completely the same as all your other runs? Reason I ask is that what often happens when you don’t have specific feed back from one side, the alterations you are trying to make occurs on both sides.

And is that difference you are seeing consistent in every pair of shoes you use?


It seems like when I try to make changes, nothing I do is reflected in the data. All my runs look the same contact-time wise, regardless of shoe selection.

Foot strike, on the other hand, appears to change depending on the shoe. My right side tended toward heel striking (versus my left) in my Gel Cumulus 17, but it’s reversed in my 1400v4. Both are 10mm drop!

I’ve actually been trying to increase the time on my right to match my left. My left side is always healthy, while my right gets injured, so I figure I should model success. :grimacing:

I bet real-time feedback would make the difference!


I think it is easy to overanalyse over small things when having too much information.

If i have a good feeling running, I show balance in all catergories, high efficency, and average or low on the different shocks and motion metrics.
but still I have around 10 ms difference in contact time.

I have some leg lenght discrepancy with my left shorter, so trying to equalize the contact time is not something i consider worthwile, and could possibly make other things worse. Also my footstrike is a bit different due to this, with my left footstrike more foreward, but still midfoot.

Due to this my left side gets more shock, and cycling it gets more sore. So if I overdo it and/or does not stretch enough, start tensing up on my left side from calf to ribs, making my left side even shorter.

Then I see I get longer contact time, up to forefoot strike, and more shocks on my left side. Pretty interesting.

But back to balance.
What do you mean when the bars slide to the right? By common sense I would think it would mean longer contact time on right. But looking at numbers I have lower contact time on the Right foot.


I think your approach might be best. It’s not like there are any huge discrepancies. Sounds like you’re in the exact same boat as me, with the left foot going more midfoot.

Today I ran really slow with my daughter, and everything was really close:


@Tori - good question about the bars. I believe the bars for other metrics work as you suggest so we will look into the Contact Time balance bars. Thanks!