Compare Tool Update


We’ve released a significant overhaul of the Compare tool, which now enables you to view a side-by-side (A vs B) comparison of your metrics under different conditions.

To take full advantage of the Compare analysis tool, you’ll want to make good use of the TAGing features within the run detail page (you can do this retroactively). Tagging Workout Type, Terrain, Shoe, etc. These will all enable you to better filter and utilize the capabilities of the Compare tool

To create a new Compare view, go to the Compare page (Compare on the left sidebar of the Web Dashboard), then click on the green NEW drop-down on the far right, and select Set Comparison [Run vs. Run Comparison is the historical line chart that we have had up until now]

In this example, I’m curious how my metrics compare between my “Fast” runs and my “Slow” runs.

I’m going to title my Compare “Fast vs Slow” (click on the pencil below Compare Runs):

Now I need to filter my runs. By default, ALL of your runs are included. By adding TAGs, you reduce the runs included to those that match the TAG. So in my case, I’m going to click on Pace and I see a modal dialog that lets me select the different Paces that I want included:

Having now done the same for both the ‘Fast’ side (Control Set) and the ‘Slow’ side (Comparison Set), I’m able to see a side-by-side comparison of how my metrics change across the different categories between Fast and Slow:

I’ll post some further use cases over the next few days, but also encourage you all to do the same. Would be cool to see what you find using this tool!

Have Fun!


very good tool! please show shoes with tags, because without tags i can’t select between different shoes from the same brand and model (e.g. i have 3 x Mizuno Sayonara2, listed and tagged by different colors).


That was a definite miss – we’ll work that into the UI!