Displaying run information


On the website, when I look at the data from a run, I primarily look at the graph of the data.

I find myself scrolling down to what I want to look at, clicking on it, and then scrolling back up to see it on the graph. Scroll down again and unselect that metric, then select something else, and scroll back up to see the graph.

I’m wondering if the page would be improved by making everything under the graph so it is contained in its own scrollable sub-window. That way you could move around and select and deselect what to see without ever having the graph view leave your viewing window.


Thanks for the feedback. We’ll keep this in mind during our next design iteration. Not sure where we’ll end up, but having your input will definitely help inform our decision.


another suggestion: holding mouse on “moving time” or “running time” or “walking time” or “stationary time” (to highlight these times on graph) is impossible for me, due to a quite long shoe list that makes impossible for my monitor (an old 1280 x 1024) to see in the same screen extension both the graph and times.


Thanks. I think what we need to do there is have a ‘more’ option for shoes like we do for the other tags. It’d be even better if the list was biased towards most recently used.