Efficiency => slower is better?


So- I went for a standard run. The mileage that RS calculated was 7.4 miles. Actual is 6.0. So- I was “average” efficiency when running farther, but when I manually adjusted the mileage, it became “high”. (See before/after shots below).

This is a bit counter-intuitive for me. Why would my efficiency go up?
Also- I’m surprised that my RS hasn’t really calibrated for me. Do I need to re-calibrate or ???


Hi @jim.lucas – our Community Comparison is using runs from the RunScribe databank to make the comparison, looking at your metrics (Flight Ratio in particular) at your pace. So where you’d be Average @ a 5:27min/mi pace, you would be considered High for a 6:50min/mi pace.

As far as the calibration goes, it should get pretty good after ~3 calibrated runs (where you’ve corrected the distance). Mounting location and different shoes can also affect the distance calculations.


Hi Tim,

thanks for the response… it doesn’t make sense to me though. I’ve speculated a bit on where the error could be. I would imagine that I would be one of the few “data points” @ a 5:30 pace, thus the average rating. How is flight-ratio calculated?


Hi @jim.lucas – flight ratio is the % of time that you’re in the air (neither foot is on the ground).
We calculate it as follows :
Flight Time = (CycleTime - 2*ContactTime) / 2 [Note: CycleTime is the inverse of Step Rate]
Flight Ratio = FlightTime / (FlightTime + ContactTime)

Flight Ratio naturally tends to get higher as your pace increases, so if you’re, say 23% at a 5:30 pace, that might be Average, but 20% at a 7:00 pace would be High. Hope that helps.


Does the heel position tend to overestimate distance in comparison to the laces position?


I don’t recall seeing this as any kind of pattern, and I’ve done quite a few runs using 4 pods, 2 laces / 2 heel.


Now that’s interesting - one pod on each mounting to check the difference that the pods might ascribe.

I made the mistake of running yesterday with the pods on the laces and calibrated for the heels and the results were stunning - the pods recorded me as stationary for 2/3 of the total run time, and huge differences between each foot (that haven’t existed before).