Footstrike Type - characteristic / definition


I would like to understand the footstrike type metric better. What characteristic is Runscribe using? I heard various definitions, for example:
Heel strike - contacting the ground with the rear foot first
Midfoot strike - ball of the foot strikes the ground first, but heel lowers to touch the ground through midstance
Forefoot strike - ball of the foot strikes the ground first, and heel remains off the ground throughout stance phase

So what is Runscribe using and what is the rationale for using it?

Footstrike type difference with Runscribe V1 vs V2 / heel vs laces mounting

@karsten Our footstrike type algorithm looks at the range of motion in the pitch (Stance Excursion) of your foot/shoe between FootStrike and the point of MaxPronation (where your foot is closest to flat). A very prominent heel strike would have a large stance excursion between these two points, where a midfoot would have less, and a true forefoot strike, even less.


Thank you for the answer.

Do you have material to visualize how the footstrike looks like at MaxPronation for the metrics value 1 to 15?

FootStrike can be considered as initial contact after the swing phase?