Help to analyse my first run


Hello to all,

I did my first run with Runscribe, used only one of the pods as I am waiting for the other to be replaced while in warranty and I would like to get some views from you (older members).

The run was actually a marathon race in the mountains in my case I ran 7hours 30min and about 41Km. There was a lot of walking of course with a gain in altitude of 2300m.

What I got from the pod was that it recorded 6hours 33min (I wonder why - although the marathon started with 3km of run, not walk) and out of which it says : 2:01:52 moving time 1:03:25 running time 58:27 walking time 4:31:14 stationary time.

Well I do not get the over 4 hours of stationary time. Where does this comes from? I wonder if there is a way to set some threshholds for walking or running.

This is the run

I know I did not calibrate my pod, and initially it reported 68Km (well! I wish…) so now what I did instead was to adjust the distance such that to report a more normal stride lenght (initially was something like 6m!)

So, bottom line, I am not worried about calibration which I will properly do after the second pod will arrive, I am more intrigued by the stationary time reported so any insights into this will help a lot.



Hi @meste – could I ask you to post (or email to a PIC of how you had your pod mounted on your laces? Thanks!


I have sent you an email… but I already have the feeling that I did used it in a wrong way…


Sorry @meste – it does look like that was the problem – this PIC shows the correct mounting orientation for laces…


Tim has just replied to me that I did it the other way around - so I will just delete this record and do it properly next time… Now I know, said he…


OK, so now I did my first run with the pod installed correctly. After I have calibrated the distance from 7 to 5.8Km I realised the step length is very high, almost double than the real one. I thought it would calibrate automatically after adjusting the distance.

Or maybe because I used only one pod is the length as such?



Is it your Stride Length that looks long to you, or your Step Length?

Stride Length is the distance between two successive placements of the same foot, consisting of 2 step lengths.


You are right Alang. Coming from Garmin terminology I assumed they are the same. Thanks.