How to improve balance


The data is telling me my left food pronate a lot more than my right foot. The below shows some of my data. When wearing shoes that have more support (new balance / merrell), the difference is less but still quite big, compared to vibram.

First of all is such an imbalance a concern? If it is, any suggestion as to how to improve the balance? I tried to run with some intention to control the pronation but doesn’t really seem to show much difference in the data…


Pronation isn’t something you’re going to change consciously. You need to improve proprioception and neuromuscular control. One of my professors in PT school described it as not so much a problem of over pronation as lack of eccentric control of the supinators. Make yourself a balance board. Do single leg squats and single leg deadlifts. Progress to plyometrics focus on maintaining good position at the knees.


Thank you very much for your advice John. I will try out these approaches.

Just want to clarify, what do you mean by “Progress to plummeted”?


Sorry. Phone did an auto correct. Should read “plyometrics”


OK i see thanks for your clarification.

also just want to mention the whole situation is kinda weird. my right feet is more duck-feet than the left, and when i run, the right ankle twist more and i always thought the right feet is the problematic one… but the data showed left is overpronating while the right has average pronation. i still think the right is the problematic one, just by judging from the form…

anyway i think your suggestion of strengthening them is good. i’ll work on them and see if it improve things… thanks again.

so are you a PT yourself? i was thinking maybe visit a orthopedic to get some opinions, but then decided to postpone and wait until i incurred enough against my insurance’s deductible as it is not that urgent. at the mean time i’ll try to train them as you suggested…


I am less than a month from graduating.

As for the problematic foot, how does the ground contact time look? Even though the right foot may be turning out more, if it is on the ground less, that could explain the difference.


Just looked at your data. GCT looks about even. Have you tried to swap devices and see if the device is giving good data?