Is Pace speed or time?


I’m at a loss. What is the definition of ‘Pace’?

At the runscribe pages: it reads:
Running speed is a function of both Stride Rate (SR) and Stride
Length (SL) and is calculated by the equation: Speed = SR X SL”.

It seems to me then if this is the formula, that the faster you go (by having a higher stride rate and/or a higher stride lenght), the higher your pace. The faster you go, the more distance you cover in a minute or hour.

However, when I look at my dashboard: it states that the unit of Pace is : “min/km”. That is the inverse of speed. The faster you go, the less minutes it takes to cover 1 km.

Wouldn’t it be better to name this metric ‘speed’’, express it in Km/hr or miles/hr? It also is more intuitive: as you increase speed, you generally get more pronation, shock, stride rate, etc.


@MikeD – you’re correct, unlike in other disciplines (e.g. cycling), speed in running is typically referred to in terms of pace (min/mi or min/km). Runners think about running at a certain ‘pace’ (7:00min/mi) vs XX km/hr or XX mi/hr. Watches report pace in this way. What we’ve done in the graphs is to invert the pace scale, so that you’re still seeing what you would expect, faster paces result in values higher up on the graph.


Wouldn’t it be better then to add tot the definition of Pace: After calculating speed, we invert the value, so that we get a figure that tells how many minutes it takes to cover one km or mile. In the graph, we invert the scale, so that the faster you go, the higher the graph. ?


Good suggestion, we’ll work that into the Pace/Speed metric definition in our next update.


Sounds good! That would clarify the definition.