Lowering Braking G's with running technique


I am a bit puzzled with the Braking G’s measurement.

I have noticed that Braking G’s are lower for heel striker than forefoot runner (whereas it is more the opposite for Impact G’s). Does Run Scribe confirm this?

Lowering the contact time, hiting the ground closer to the center of mass, and putting the feet behind the knee at contact does not seem to have any impact on the Braking’s G whereas scientific studies tend to demonstrate that there is a correlation between applying these pieces of advice and lowering the Braking Gs.

Anyone has find tricks to reduce the Braking G besides heel striking (which BTW does not make much sense to me).



Only thing I have been told, but haven’t seen research into, is that you should concentrate on the angle of the tibia at impact and make sure the knee is in line or ahead of the ankle. I don’t know if there is a particular drill that trains it. Concentrating on high knees does the trick for me.

I’m actually not surprised about foot strike and braking, as if there is a heel strike it isn’t like the foot doesn’t then rotate. I suspect if there were just a bang and that was it there would be a correlation.