Merge runs together?


is this possible ? I stopped mid-run today to change my music selection and ended up fiddling for too long. Looks like the RSs have created two runs, split at this point. Can they be brought together ?


Same thing here except I stopped to take photos of sunrise, any way to merge the two?


This is in the queue for the next Dashboard/Server update - likely sometime next week.


Wow, my original post was over a year ago! Great to see this coming.
@Tim once you have the watch starting and stopping the recording, will you set the auto-timeout much longer? Do you intend for pauses from the watch to stop the recording too (although I suppose a pause and a stop are probably the same thing on the Garmin)?


@gingerneil - I think I mentioned in another thread (can’t remember which) but I’d held off implementing the bi-directional ANT/IQ controls until we got through the first round of connectivity challenges. Now that things are looking better on that front now, it’s moving up the queue! The goal, basically being that the watch inputs/controls would be no different than the RS App-based controls we have now.


Once I get my watch connected to the pods again it sounds like this will be the solution going forward.

One question though, with this method, if I wander round with the pods on, do some warm up, that type of thing, are you expecting the pods to start recording before the watch tells them to? It would be good to have them only start when the watch says so but if you do that then it will break the auto start functionality that others rely on.


Auto-start recording is already an option in the app settings section, so I’d guess that once watch controls are enabled, if you want to use the watch to control everything, you’d simply disable auto-start.



I hadn’t seen that option but that will make things work as both sides would want it.