New improved RunScribe


I got an email today with my coupon to preorder the new improved version of the RunScribe. My email and a little searching have turned up only one improvement – it is rechargeable now. I do go through batteries pretty quickly with my current RunScribe, but before I pay to upgrade I wanted to know if there is more to it than that. Do the new units have the same hardware internals as the old ones? Has something been upgraded to allow expandability that wasn’t there in the old units? Is the same software used for the old and new units, meaning upgrades will apply to both? What would I be “getting” if I upgrade that I wouldn’t otherwise have if I just keep dropping new batteries into my current RunScribes?

You have to know I’m all about upgrading (:smile:) , I just need to feel like there is a little justification. Any more info would be appreciated.




The new runscribe footpod uses the same design as the original but has upgraded components to address customers main usability issues, primarily battery. The accuracy of RunScribe metrics will be the same as the original hardware.

The new design includes better memory, LEDs and an integrated rechargeable battery that will last 16+ hours on a single charge. It’s also only available in 2x, as the symmetry aspect of the metrics is something we plan to include as a core element of our product experience.


How do the size and weight compare? Better memory means bigger or something else? The Disposable battery thing is not an issue for me. On the plus side I do like the idea of having one on each foot since I’m pretty sure I am asymmetric.