New Runscribe arrived: request to update FW from 20.19 to 20.16!


I just got from the mail my new runscribe 2, and upon connecting to the IOS app it asked to make an update from 20.19 to 20.16!

I did it and now I am on 20.16 - Did I make a mistake by doing this? Is not 20.19 supposed to be newer than 20.16?


Hi meste,

This may be some kind of system glitch with updates. You probably should drop an email to

20.16 should work just fine until they get that sorted for you.


Thanks, I just wrote them an email…


same here, popped up a request to downgrade fw from 20.19 to 20.18.

RunScribe Pro w/ 20.19 OE install - firmware message weirdness

I’m working to resolve this issue with our dev team – the long answer is that we had a script that was deployed last year to handle some issues we were seeing w/ a specific combination of Android device and OS version that could potentially fail during a FW update.

But from a RS operational perspective, the only difference between 20.18 and 20.19 is that I added another test for manufacture testing, so the latest batch of devices coming in from Asia have 20.19 pre-loaded. But from a user perspective, 20.18 and 20.19 are functionally identical.