Pod won't sync?


just finished a run today, try to sync to my iphone, but the sync completed in less than 1 second. obviously didn’t sync, can only see my yesterday run. same for both of the pod.

the pods’ battery is high (95% charged) and storage still high (95% free). tried to reboot both the pods and ipad but didn’t help. one thing might be related maybe today i mounted them upside down from what i usually do, but i don’t think that matter?

any idea?


Could I ask that you go into the app and open a support ticket? This will send the app logs to me, so I can see what might be happening.


actually i just did, request 4165. thx.

so you get all the zipped log as well from the ticket? i sent those myself as well just for curiosity. eager to hear what you found… thx.