Pro 2x hardware offer


Regarding the $119 discounted price offer for updated RunScribe hardware, I’d be more than willing to pay the full $200 price today - EACH - to get selective real time feedback.

I would also seriously consider paying even more for a functional SDK that would allow me to write my own code to communicate with the RunScribe pods to get that real time feedback. (And happily ignore those initially appreciated, well-meaning, but effectively useless graphs.)

As a counterpoint to the current offer of greater battery life, I can purchase nearly 400 batteries from Amazon. Even having two units, I should live so long to use those up. Real time feed back - PUHLEEEEEEZE!

Your marketing department is completely blowing a perfect opportunity to aggressively flaunt having your units banned from Olympic events due to unfair advantage.


I’m very disappointed to read this. I received no such notice, not that it really matters because I shelled out $200 a full month ago for the “upgrade”. Of course, the money is taken immediately, even though the product won’t be delivered for months. Even the accessories I ordered at the same time seem like they aren’t going to ship until the upgraded units ship.


@runnerdave Before we made the upgrade offer we attempted to reach out to all those existing customers that had already purchased the upgrade to inform them that we would be refunding them the $80 difference from what they had paid and the new offer. You obviously didn’t get that notice so we apologize for that. I think we missed you because you registered on our site with just your first name so when your order came in we searched on your full name. Anyway, now that we know who you are, our fulfillment team will be contacting you to get that refund underway.

Also, we can ship the accessories you ordered before the upgrade is available now that we know you’re an existing user.

Again, sorry for the mixup.


Thanks for the response and the email. It sounds like it was quite unintentional and that a lot of efforts were made to make sure it didn’t happen - this one just found a crack to slip through.