Removing Sugro from cradle



any tips for removing Sugro from the plastic cradle the pod sits in?

I tried using it with a pair of Vivobarefoot ultrapure’s which are made of a plastic material, rather than usual heel stuff. One very nearly fell off and the other only took slight force.

Going to replicate the holes in the cradle by drilling a few holes of the same size in the heel to see if that works better. To test this I need to remove the old Sugro. Any tips?




Shoes without a substantial heel counter don’t seem to work well with Sugru.

When I remove it, I try to peel as much as possible off the cradle. Sometimes I have to use a knife to get most of it off. I then use a corkscrew on a Swiss Army knife to clean the holes out.


Cool, thanks. That is pretty much what I had planned, but good to hear it’s not abnormal. I think I shall exchange the corkscrew for a hand held drill bit.

Fortuitously the plastic nature of these shoes facilitates small drill holes. I may even use the cradle as a template.

I have some completely soft Sockwa that I’ve never dared try it with. The newer clips are much more secure though.


Canned or compressed air also works well for this when a corkscrew or drill in Eerke’s case :slight_smile: isn’t available.


FWIW a drill bit does the job. I suspect the holes are sized in imperial measurement as none of my metric still bits are perfectly sized.

What didn’t work as well was drilling the shoes. It was not much different than putting a spike through. The plastic just moves aside and returns once it is out. Doesn’t matter how fast it spins or the direction. Some sort of small punch would be better.