Runscribe pace doesn't match with my GPS watch pace


Hi, on my lunch run I have two 4500m that I did at 4’06/km and 4’00 paces. When I look at the paces given by the runscribes, I’m quite below those paces (4’20 and 4’13). What’s going on and how I can fix it ?


@Simon – curious, do the total time and distance of your run match your gps? If not, you do have the ability to adjust your run via either the mobile app or the web dashboard –


Yes they do match :confused:


Iv only had the runscribes for less then 24h so they are still being calibrated. I was thinking of if it was possible to calibrate with uploaded file in these cases because that’s what we compare anyway?


@Simon – looks like we’re about 5% (slow) on your two intervals. I’m assuming that these two distances are known distances, as GPS error is also a possibliity? Could you tell me when you did your original ‘Calibration’ (known distance) if you were close to the pace you ran during the two intervals? Our pace algorithm keys off Swing Excursion (the amount of swing your leg goes through). While this works pretty well for a lot of runners under a range of conditions, it can be off depending on how your form changes with pace. Knowing what pace (GPS) you calibrated at vs. your intervals will allow me to better understand the discrepancy.


@Tim I mainly did my calibration on this run : which is 4k on a track. But as you sensed it, the pace was not the same as my calibration run was more of a “slow” pace (~5’30/km), while my two-intervals run was on a faster pace (~4’/km).
GPS error is still a possiblity, but my watch (Polar M400) is more on the pessimistic side when it comes to measuring distances :wink: . From a sensation point of view, I’m also leaning toward the Polar’s pace.

What do you suggest ? Should I recalibrate the RS again ? I have an half-marathon competition on sunday it it can be of any help.


Update : I did two 1500m on a track with 500m jog recovery between them. The duration were : 5’46, 2’59 and 5’46, and the run is here :
The pace seems too slow for both 1500s again, but also for the 500m recovery. What’s going on ?


@Simon – I think we’ll need to get you to do a couple calibration runs at your quicker paces. I’m also keen to see your 1/2 marathon (today) and how we compare at that pace. Looking at your runs, particular the quicker intervals, you seem to have a much higher kick (rear leg swing) at quicker paces than your slower pace calibration run would typically suggest.


@Tim : thank you for your answer. My 1/2 marathon is here :
I tried to trim it as best as I can, but it seems everytime I do it, then enter the correct time (1:26:47), the duration is taken into account from the beginning. So I trim again, then enter the correct time, etc.

I’m really interested in the results of my race because from a first look at the data, I tend to be more mid striking with my left foot then my right and I’m feeling this kind of “imbalance” in my runs sometimes :slight_smile: And it was my first 1/2 too, so I have a lot of information to extract here :wink:


Another update : I did 5*1000 with 500m recoveries on a track (this run : The pace on the 1000s is too slow, while it’s too fast for the recoveries. What is the best way to recalibrate my RS ?


@Simon it would appear that your running form changes with pace (leg swing in particular) is challenging our pace algorithm. I would ask that you open a support ticket (email so that I can capture all your Runs vs Known Pace details in one place.


I think I’m having a similar problem - I calibrated with 3 runs today, the fourth run was a long run and I know I have GPS errors with the watch (but the first 3 runs were short distances where there were no GPS discrepancies I could detect), and tonight’s run estimated 1km beyond my GPS watch, although timing was correct.


When you say calibrated, when the rS distance doesn’t match the GPS distance are you editing the run and correcting the distance in the rS portal?


Hi yes, editing the run and correcting in the portal.