Sense-making of run start & end timings


Hi, I recently purchased a set of Runscribe pro with the idea to use the metrics provided to work on my running form. The trouble which I am facing now is that I am unable to correlate the Runscribe data with my Tomtom watch data. The problem for me is that I am not able to identify when my starting time for my Runscribe as the pods start recording while (1) they are in my bag, (2) while I’m walking, (3) while I’m running and (4) while I am cooling down. As such, I have trouble identifying the most critical parts of the recording (when i am running).

Does anyone have a solution to this issue?


I believe the threshold to start recording is something like 140 step/min for 5 steps in a row. I remember another report of pods recording in a bag, but that seems pretty rare.

By any chance are you going down stairs or walking really quickly before your run starts? Using the web portal, you can trim the pre or post run activity to match your GPS time, if that helps.


Hi Alang, thanks for your response. Perhaps I will use the screenshot of my Runscribe recordings as well as my workout recorded on Tomtom to better elaborate on my dilemma.

As shown on my Tomtom recording, the run took only about 30min, whereas the Runscribe recorded my entire workout to be about 1hr 16min. Out of this 1hr 16min, there was 56:36 of moving time, 45:08 of running time, 11:28 of walking time and 19:28 of stationary time.

While I am aware that Runscribe doesn’t allow deliberate start/stop recording, I guess where I probably need help will be to know which part of the data to start and end trimming, so that I can extract the most important elements of the recording.

Hope the additional details are useful.



Your data looks normal from the beginning to about 29:26. Beyond that there were quite a few “rejected footsteps” which means the engine didn’t see accurate step metrics in the data.

Your Impact G’s were in the 10-15G range until the 29:xx mark, then were around 1G, so I imagine they were bouncing around in your bag during that time.

You might want to create a support ticket to see if you can get a better idea of what happened.


@Jason71 – as you indicated, the RunScribe Auto Start/Stop mechanism is designed with the idea of capturing more is better than less. It’s clearly tricky to do w/o a button or watch or mechanism for YOU to tell it what you want during the activity.

But with that in mind, we created a Trim tool within the Web Dashboard which shows you your Step Rate throughout the workout. I’ve taken the liberty of trimming your 4.37km (2.71mi) run down to the ~30min based on your Step Rate in the Trim window. The images below show before and after views of the Trim window. Hope this helps.



Tim, thanks for helping to trim my run data. I will still probably need to squeeze in a few more runs to get into the hang of how which data to trim away. Nevertheless, thanks for helping me out in this and it has definitely been very useful!



Hi Alang, thanks for pointing out the Impact Gs aspect of the data. What I did was to attach the pods just before the run and detach them immediately once I have finished the run, in the hope that I will be able to identify the “useful” parts of the data. I will probably keep doing this and look out for the Impact Gs portion at the same time. Thanks for helping!