Understanding the metrics


There is already a list of topics on metrics. However, there is a lot of it. I started using Runscribe because of these metrics, but I am still only beginning to understand a small part of it.
I remember one of the Kickstarter options was something like a running clinic with one of the founders, and a full explanation of all of the metrics. Well, that’s some time ago.
However, I might be interested in some kind of (paid?) subscription that explains the metrics of the last couple of runs.
Especially since I am struggling with a problem on my left leg. I see there is imbalance, but I want to be able to use the metrics to improve the balance.
Of course the reaction could be like: "just read all the reactions on topics in the Metrics forum"
But maybe a new service can be started to improve the usability & understanding of the metrics.


Hi @brebre – I’ve had a look at your runs and am happy to let you know what I see – you can submit a support ticket (contact@runscribe.com) – as I’m not sure what all you’d like to publicly share?


The metrics should not only be able to be interpreted by RunScribe. Documentation should allow users to do their own analysis and conclusion. This documentation is not available today, rather long over due in my opinion.


I’d be happy to pay a small fee and have someone look over my stats and explain what they mean to me. I’ve got a trainer who is starting to go through them but it would be good to be able to confirm what she is seeing and how she is interpreting them is correct as we are both new to this.