"Your recently uploaded runs are currently being processed"



I just completed a run, synched the devices but the workout doesn’t appear on the dashboard, there is a message as reported on the subject but it’s not showing up.

Anyone able to help?



It looks like there may be a server processing issue and a number of runs from this morning US time are still pending.


@fabio.adurno, @Alang – yup, the Run Processor is having some issues. Working on it, hopefully will be back up shortly. But rest assured, the runs are up there and will (ultimately) process.


Update: Run Processing is back online – should be slowly making it’s way through all uploaded runs.


Hi Tim,

I do confirm the run was online this morning!



My lunch run does not synchronized. Any one else with this issue ?


@Simon – could I ask you to go into the app, go to Settings, then Open Support Ticket. This should help us understand what happened during Sync. Thanks!


It’s done :slight_smile:


My monday long run is still processing. Trouble ticket sent.